Indian culture is rich in the flavors of colors and textiles in her clothing. Women’s wear which has been developed in India has evolved over several years and has maintained a deep-rooted connection with ethnic wear. Although fusion wears are being developed in recent times, there are spaces that will be filled with authentic ethnic designs.

Gaurangi Kurtis is one of the manufacturers specialized in manufacturing Jaipuri Kurtis of the great ethnic designs which have appealed to our loyal consumers over several years. The authenticity in the Jaipuri prints and the classic methods to incorporate the best colors in the textile has been appreciated all over the country. Some of their prints have become the fashion destination of recent times. A new line of Gaurangi Kurtis has been manufactured by them which has become the great favorite among the Indian fashionistas. We become a one-stop online store for exquisite Jaipuri Kurtis that will suit any traditional or official gatherings.

A large range of Jaipuri Kurtis and short tops has been offered by Us. The choices which are offered are rich in their types and affordable in the cost. Some of the classic designs have been mentioned in the next section. Each of these Jaipuri Kurtis designs will make you look like a queen on every occasion. Let us introduce you to some of the best Jaipuri Kurtis designs by Gaurangi Kurtis.

The Varieties Available Are as follows


Ethnic top

Solid prints are preferred by Generation Z wearers as they complement the jeans and other such supplements. However, it is great to have an ethnic touch to the modern tops.
So, Gaurangi Kurtis has designed a massive range of Jaipuri Kurtis tops that have bordered ethnic designs which make them a perfect mix of modern and Indian.  The tops are designed mostly with fabric in order to allow easy breathing of the skin. Most of these have a three-quarter sleeve which keeps the wearer safe from harsh sunlight. These clothes are usually machine washed which makes them easy to clean and maintain as well. It has been seen that this design of Gaurangi Kurtis is very famous for formal and casual wear.


Short Kurti

Have you ever wondered what you should wear to your work if you are not that confident in the modern and sleek tops? Well, this is not a matter that should worry you! Gaurangi Kurtis has a great collection of short Jaipuri Kurtis too. The style is so efficient that it can go from regular wear to office wear in a few seconds. You can even complement it with a jacket or shrug which will make you look perfect for an official party. These are readymade Kurtis which make them available for the wearers at any time they want. They are often aged as casual wear, but the classic ethnic print will make them your best friend at a party as well.


Long Kurti

One of the best ways to carry yourself at a party is to sport the long famous kurtis by Gaurangi Kurtis. They have some of the best designs which are bordering on ethnic Indian prints like Jaipuri or block prints. They have a certain earthy flavor that can be complemented by heavy Indian Jewellery. There is nothing as beautiful as adorning oneself with designs that define one’s roots. The bold colors of the long Kurtis will make you stand out in a crowd. These long Jaipuri Kurtis are preferred to be worn as party wear and they are easily washable. In spite of having bold designs, the textile used is cotton and it makes the wearer very comfortable.


Why Choose Us?

Gaurangi Kurtis has always done a great job in manufacturing these Jaipuri Kurtis in a bulk. Not one stitch goes apart when Gaurangi Kurtis takes up these designs to manufacture. Gaurangi Kurtis is sure to magnify your presence wherever you go. With Gaurangi, you can always expect an indeed unique, inspiring ethnic experience.

Some of the other designs which have become quite famous in recent days include the A-line Kurti and the Indo-Western Jaipuri Kurtis. These designs are very stylish and they can be opted for at any fashion gala as well.

The ethnic wears have a special place in our wardrobes as they hug our body contours in a very relaxing manner. Make sure to have the designs of Gaurangi Kurtis in your wardrobe before these holidays to enjoy a full blast fashion

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